Two Seasons Talking Trees – Kingston Edition – reader Lilieth Nelson

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Lilieth H. Nelson was born and educated in Kingston, Jamaica. Her studies span science education, business management, higher education policy, the creative and performing arts. Thus she is well-known in Jamaica, the Caribbean and beyond as an Artistic-Scientist whose life as a science educator, business manager, performing artist in music, speech, drama and traditional folk forms has touched many.

Angles of Reflection: Poems by Lil is her first publication of poems through which she invites readers of this book and listeners of the CD version, to get a glimpse of her inner self and her perspectives on a wide range of issues. Her CD of folk music entitled Treat Yuh Woman Nice: Songs of Love and Life in Jamaica is yet another expression of her creative self. Lilieth’s poems have been featured in recorded talk at Two Seasons’ Talking Trees in Treasure Beach, but she will be heard “live and direct” at Two Seasons’ Talking Trees – Kingston Edition, on Sunday, February 16, 2014.


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