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Jamaican playwright, Patrick Brown, is responsible for creating some of Jamaica’s most poignant and hilarious moments on stage and on the small screen. He has also written for the silver screen.  If There’s a Will, There’s a Wife (2014), Glass Slippaz (2013), Ladies of the Night (2013), Breadfruit Kingdom (2011), and Charlie’s Angels (2011) are only a few of the productions which have achieved blockbuster status. His plays have been staged throughout Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, as well as the USA, England and Canada.

Among Patrick’s work for television are the definitive episodes of Oliver at Large, which propelled the lead, Oliver Samuels, to stardom in the Caribbean region and the diaspora. He also wrote the television sitcom, Titus in Town.

His first attempt for writing for the movies, Black Lace, received a 2002 Los Angeles-based Cynosure Screenwriting Award in the ‘Minority Protagonist’ category. The Cynosure awards were established in 1998 to encourage screenwriters from around the world to create ‘dynamic roles for women and minorities through stories that reflect both the diversity and universality of human experience’. He has also received Actor Boy Awards for ‘Best Comedy’, ‘Best Producer’, ‘Best Song’ and ‘Best Set Design’.

Patrick’s career in writing began while studying for his degree in civil engineering at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. His first piece was a skit for a variety concert for his hall of residence. Called Cornflakes, it was was staged in 1982.

Patrick Brown is one of the four principals of Jambiz International, the mission of which is to produce and expose professional Jamaican theatre across the globe.

Patrons at Two Seasons Talking Trees – Kingston Edition will be treated to the first public reading of an excerpt of his play, Brotherly Love. It is the story of two brothers who are married to two sisters and all the complications presented in marriage, family bonds, fidelity – all of which unfolds through high drama and comedy.

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