Two Seasons Talking Trees 2015 – Performance poet, Cherry Natural

Multi-talented Cherry Natural is a performance (dub) poet, writer, black belt martial arts instructor and motivational speaker, who identifies her inspiration as Miss Louis Bennett and Bob Marley. Her writing reflects her personal struggles to achieve social and economic equality and, in her words, “provides an insight into the soul of a female warrior determined to walk the arduous path of seeking knowledge and truth”.

Her examination of social issues is used to inspire her audience to shape a new perspective and strategy in an increasingly materialistic and superficial world. “My poetry is therefore a call to arms in the real war against intellectual mediocrity, indiscipline and ultimate anarchy”, she says.

By her own count, Cherry has written over three thousand poems and has two books entitled Come mek we reason and Earth Woman, with a CD of the same name. Her most recent album is called Intellectual Bad Gal, launched in June 2013. She was one of two dub poets whose “creative processes” formed the basis of the 2007 Ph.D. thesis of Dr. John Galuska, Indiana University.

She has travelled to various universities, colleges and prisons in the United States, Canada and the UK using her poetry as a medium for motivation, and has represented Jamaica at different festivals. Her awards include

    The Jamaica Federation of Musicians award 1994 & 1995 for best female dub poet

    The Music Industry Award for best female dub poet 1995 and 1996

    The Women’s Media Watch Award for promoting gender consciousness

    The Woman INC award 1988, 1989 and 1991

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