Two Seasons Talking Trees 2012 reader – Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is a trained broadcast journalist, who has had a formative career in television at the former Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

He currently works as head of corporate communications and publications at JAMPRO, the Government of Jamaica’s trade and investment agency. He also serves as Chairman of JAMCOPY, the Jamaican Copyright Licencing Agency.

Thomas is also involved in Global Leadership Interlink (GLI), a global network of thousands of professionals and university students committed to transformation in society through the development of values-based leadership.

He regards the art and skill of writing and storytelling as central to the competencies and effectiveness of a corporate communicator. He has written, edited and published a myriad of corporate publications over the years, and sees a distinct niche in writing biographies and historical works.

At Two Seasons Talking Trees Literary Fiesta 2012, Thomas will read from his unpublished manuscript, Football Revolutionary: Biographical Accounts of the History of Jamaican Football through the life and times of Winston Chung Fah.

GENRE: Non fiction, corporate publications

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