Two Seasons Talking Trees 2012 – Recorded talk playlist

Total Playing Time 105 mins

Format Length Album and Track Artiste
  2:04 Ole! Bullfight Music From Spain Track 20 Espana Cani P. Maarquina – Ramon Cortez Pasodoble Orchestra
Spoken 2:26  Free and LaughingTrack 7 The Poinciana Tree   Marguerite Orane


  2:34 Ole! Bullfight Music From Spain Track 4 Paso Al Fandanguillo A. Urmenta – Ramon Cortez Pasodoble Orchestra
  3:30 Sing De Bible, Track 1 Everything Has Its Time CANTANDOSound of Joy
Spoken 1:32 In Blessed MemoryTSTT 2011 Nova Gordon Bell
  3:05 Blow Mr HornsmanTrack 10 Ghost Capturer The Joe Gibbs All Stars
Spoken 5:08 Kiss Mi GrannyTrack 3, Kiss Mi Granny Amina Blackwood
  3:43 Borrasca Track 1, Isla del Sol Ottmar Leibert and Luna Negra
Spoken 0:56 I’m In a Dancing MoodTSTT 2011 Tomlin Ellis
  4:38 Borrasca, Track 4,Dancing Under The Moon Ottmar Leibert and Luna Negra
Spoken 3:46 Excerpt:Live Broadcast of the service for Professor, the Honourable Rex Nettleford, broadcast on Hotline on RJR 94 FMFebruary 16, 2010 National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica, Dance Captain Marlon Simms – February 16, 2010


Format Length Album and Track Artiste
  2:52 The Story of Jamaican Music Disc 2, Track 8 The Liquidator Harry J All Stars
Spoken 2:53 “Dilemma of Queenie’s Cousin”From the novel: Till I’m Laid to RestTSTT 2011 Garfield Ellis
  3:50 Java, Track 8 Ska Roll Arturo Tappin
Spoken 0:49 Snow in KingstonTSTT 2011 Nova Gordon Bell
  3:50 Java Track 9Kingston Rock Arturo Tappin
Spoken 2:12 “Mother and Daughter go shopping”From the novel: Barrel ChildTSTT 2011 Pamela K Marshall
  4:33 Badly Bent Track 7 How Insensitive Rupert Bent Snr
Spoken 2:16 To Bob MarleyTSTT 2011 Tomlin Ellis
  4:36 Untold StoriesTrack 5, Untold Stories Buju Banton
  4:33 Badly Bent Track 14 How Insensitive Rupert Bent Snr
Spoken 1:55 “Hilda’s Song”TSTT 2011 Veronica Blake Carnegie
  5:56 Badly Bent Track 4I Shot the Sherrif Rupert Bent Snr
Spoken 2:19 Working GirlTSTT 2011 Nova Gordon Bell
  12:35 Java Track 12 Vibes Surprise Arturo Tappin
Spoken 5:23 The Best ofPaul Keens-Douglas Vol 1Track 2 String Bank Paul Keens-Douglas
  20 seconds Untold Stories Track 1 Till Shilo Buju Banton
Spoken 1:01 Oh Dem Bones or EzekielTSTT 2011 Nova Gordon Bell
  3:04 Blow Mr Hornsman, Instrumental Reggae 1968-1975, Track 14, Harvest in the East Tommy Mc Cook
Spoken 1:50 Angles of Reflection Track 47 At The Mission House Lilieth Nelson
  3:52 Java Track 2 Java Arturo Tappin
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