Talking Trees 2012 reader – Kalilah Enriquez


Kalilah Enriquez is a Belizean writer, poet and journalist.  She is an active participant in the poetry scene and is a regular at Se Supm poetry night at Village Café, (Village Blues Bar) in Kingston.

She has authored two books of poetry, and her writing has also appeared in a Macmillan study guide for high school students and “The Alchemy of Poetry” and “The Alchemy of Prose” (Cubola, 2008 & 2009).

She lives in Kingston and in January 2012 joined CEEN Caribbean News as a broadcast journalist.  She was formerly in a similar capacity at CVM TV and RETV.

Before coming to Jamaica in 2008, Enriquez was cohost of the popular “Wake Up Belize” talk show simulcast on Krem TV and Krem Radio, and was also news editor at Krem Radio.

She is the mother of a daughter.

GENRE: Poetry


Unfettered (2006)

Shades of Red (2007)

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