Talking Trees 2015 reader – Easton Lee

Easton Lee is a well known playwright and poet whose work has been published in Jamaica since the 1960s. His play, The Rope and the Cross, is still staged in Churches during the Easter season.

Lee was born in Wait-a-bit, Trelawny and educated at Windsor High School and the University of the West Indies where he received a certificate in Social Work. He entered broadcasting and was trained in production and presentation at the BBC; he was trained in the theatre arts at the Pasadena Playhouse in California. In 2000 he was ordained as a priest in the Anglican Church.

He played a leading role in Jamaican theatre as he served in leadership positions in broadcasting and theatre; among his contributions was with the Jamaican Folk Singers and the National Chorale. His work has been recognized nationally and he has received the Silver Musgrave Medal, the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence among other awards and accolades. His special interests are Jamaican and Chinese folklore.

GENRES: Jamaican folklore, Sacred productions


Published plays

The rope and the Cross

Torshan Lace & velvet
On the third day

Anthologies of Poems

Kiss Mi Granny – 101 Poems, Stories and Teachings from All ah Wi Granny Dem

From Behind the counter


Heritage Call

Run big ‘fraid

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