Talking Trees 2012 folklorist – Fern Verona Falconer Luecke


Fern Luecke was born the 11th child into a family of 12 to Cornelius and Margaret Falconer in the tiny rural district of Queensbury, nestled in the breathtaking hills of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. 

She attended Holmwood Technical High School where she participated in several theatrical productions. A major influence in her life was playing alongside cultural icon Louise Bennett in the 1968-1969 LTM Pantomime, Annansi an Doombay.

She lived in Florida, USA for many years and along with her friend, Karl Hart, they co-wrote the play, ‘Dem Good Ole Days’, depicting authentic life in rural Jamaica.  The production enjoyed several successful performances at the Phillip Michael Thomas (of Miami Vice fame) theatre, and Bailey Concert Hall, Broward Community College where the play received rave reviews.

This is where Miss Diney evolved, the quintessential Jamaican grandmother whose folksy patois was steeped in cultural ideology, a role that Fern performed at events throughout the United States, and in Jamaica.  Luecke became a member of the Jamaican Folk Revue, under the leadership of Mrs. Norma Darby, and the group gave folk concerts throughout the South Florida community.

She is heavily involved in several civic and Church activities in St Elizabeth.

GENRE: Folklore and storytelling

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Dem Good Old Days – play co-written with Karl Hart

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3 Responses to Talking Trees 2012 folklorist – Fern Verona Falconer Luecke

  1. Fern Falconer Luecke says:

    Hey Fabian, UCTers, Ingrid will be here too, using our gifts to Its honour and glory. Welcome to St. Bess. Love, peace, blessings Bro.

  2. Fabian Thomas says:

    Fern, please send me your e-mail address. Mine is

  3. Meesha-Ray Johnson says:

    That’s my aunt Fern!!

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