Talking Trees – Recorded Talk playlist

Format Time Album and Track Composer/ Performer/ Source
  2:34 Ole! Bullfight Music From Spain Track 4: Paso Al Fandanguillo
  1. Urmenta

Ramon Cortez

Pasodoble Orchestra

  3:30 Sing De Bible, Track 1 Everything Has Its Time CANTANDOand Sound of Joy Productions
Spoken 1:37 Jamaican Proverbs, Track 37: Yu Rub Ole Woman Back, She Mek You Taste Her Gungo Soup Joan Andrea Hutchinson
Spoken 4:44 Commonwealth Short Stories 2010; CD 1 Track 4: Something from Nothing Written by Barbara Jenkins;read by Damian Lynch
  3:18 Reggae Gold 1997: Track 14: Mission Impossible The Taxi Gang
Spoken 2:26  Free and Laughing; Track 7:The Poinciana Tree Marguerite Orane
  4:31 Just Believe; Track 3Just Believe Noddy Virtue
Spoken 2:23 Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar:Caesar 32 excerpt  from eulogy by Mark Anthony “There is a tide in the affairs of men” William Shakespeare performers unknown Courtesy:
  2:04 Ole! Bullfight Music From Spain; Track 20: Espana Cani P. Marquina Ramon CortezPasodoble Orchestra
Spoken 5:08 Kiss Mi GrannyTrack 3; Kiss Mi Granny Amina Blackwood Meeks
  3:50 Java, Track 8; Ska Roll Arturo Tappin
Spoken 3:09 Crazy Ladi Dayz;Track 1: We Are Everywhere AdZiko Simba
  4:36 Untold StoriesTrack 5: Untold Stories Buju Banton
Spoken 4:36 Commonwealth Short Stories 2010; CD 2 Track 3: The Perfect Peppersoup Written by Ken Onyia; read by Maynard Eziashi
  3:43 Borrasca; Track 1: Isla del Sol Ottmar Leibert andLuna Negra
Spoken 2:09 From Behind the Counter;Track 20: My Reason Composer: Easton LeePerformed by: Leonie Forbes / Jamaican Folk Singers
  4:33 Badly Bent; Track 7: How Insensitive Rupert Bent Snr
Spoken  4:58 From Behind the Counter;Track 2: My Mother is a People Easton Lee
  4:34 Badly Bent; Track 6: Betcha my Golly Wow  Rupert Bent Snr
Spoken 4:15 Winston Churchill Address to Harrow School, BBC Nov 29 1941;On imagination Courtesy:The Churchill Centre, Winston audio files
    *DISC 2*  
  4:38 Borrasca; Track 4:Dancing Under The Moon Ottmar Leibert andLuna Negra
Spoken 4:45 Commonwealth Short Stories 2010; CD 2 Track 6: Sister Rose Written byLydia Vonwyler;read by Donna Croll
  20 seconds Untold Stories; Track 1: Till Shilo Buju Banton
Spoken   Rev Dr Martin Luther King sermon “But If Not” in Memphis Rev Dr Martin Luther KingCourtesy: Black Media
  3:04 Blow Mr Hornsman, Instrumental Reggae 1968-1975; Track 14: Harvest in the East Tommy Mc Cook
Spoken 5:31 Fly Guy; Track 1: No Sky For A Kite Ruddy Wallace, Andrew Brodber, Ann Jeffrey, Dervan Malcolm, Gwyneth Harold, Farenheit
Spoken 1:50 Angles of Reflection; Track 47: At The Mission House Lilieth Nelson
  2:52 The Story of Jamaican Music, Disc 2; Track 8: The Liquidator Harry J All Stars
Spoken 1:39 Lawd di Riddim Sweet; Track 14: South Parade Peddler Dr The Hon Louise Bennett Coverley
  3:52 Java; Track 2: Java Arturo Tappin
Spoken 5:23 The Best of Paul Keens-Douglas Vol 1Track 2 String Bank Paul Keens-Douglas
  3:50 Java; Track 9: Kingston Rock Arturo Tappin
Spoken 5:36 Fly Guy; Track 2: Flying Ducks Ruddy Wallace, Andrew Brodber, Ann Jeffrey, Dervan Malcolm, Gwyneth Harold, Farenheit
  12:35 Java Track 12; Vibes Surprise Arturo Tappin
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