Talking Trees 2012 panelist – Sharon Martini

Sharon Martini is publisher, author and illustrator of “Dotty Beetle Books – Little Picture Books Big In Joy And Colorful Characters! For all of humanity’s children.” She says that her aim with Dotty Beetle Books is to write and illustrate with her “whimsical art, resplendent in ‘colorful’ characters, joyous and sometimes deliciously silly prose, how alike we – humanity’s children – all are.”

Martini hopes that “by showing predominantly brown, delightfully dark-hued characters doing ordinary everyday things”, she will “penetrate the invisible barriers existing in our ‘multicultural’ world that prevent us from connecting on a human and heart level. Also, quite simply, I want to provide more choices for the brown, delightfully dark-hued, children of humanity, so that they too can see themselves starring in the pages of funny and whimsical contemporary stories; with the pink, lovely light-hued characters playing supporting roles.” 

Describing herself as “a Global Girl”, Martini is the daughter of Jamaican parents and herself an English mummy of two American boys.

She is also an actress, singer, musician, artist, accidental activist, and intuitive healer. “Ultimately, I am a child of the universe, rich in love, laughter and life, who dares to unwrap the universe’s gifts in my own truth. I believe that we are all, no matter our color or culture, inherently the same – human”, she declares. Visit her at

Genre: Children’s books


Max And Me (Dotty Beetle Books, 2009),

Uh! Oh! Where Did Baby Go? (Dotty Beetle Books, 2009)

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! I love Bugs! (Dotty Beetle Books, 2009)

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  1. marcia thompson says:

    im from jamaica i just heard you on the radio, my son has a serious problem with
    reading and not too bad with mathematicas can ur books help, especially with the reading

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