Two Seasons Talking Trees Literary Fiesta 2012 – Programme

MC: Gwyneth Harold-Davidson

9:00 Recorded talk – a mix of the spoken word and music

10:00 Fiesta Entrée – Monique Morrison, Melanie SchwappEaston Lee,

10:45 JAMCOPY speaks

11:00 Panel discussion – Writing for children. Panelists: Diane Browne,  Jean Forbes, Kellie Magnus, Sharon Martini. Moderator: Suzanne Francis-Brown

11:45 Best of St. Bess – Shane Drummers, Fern Luecke, Christine Craig

12:20 Open mic — hosted by Suzanne Francis-Brown. Sign up if your writing can deliver a thrill in three minutes or less!

1:00 Sneak peek – Reading of Aston Cooke’s Jonkanoo Jamboree, a play written especially for Jamaica’s 50th Independence celebration.

1:30 Our talk – Roland Watson-Grant, Kalialah Enriquez, Mark Thomas

2:15 Children speak – presentation from the children’s programme

2:30 African branch – A. Igoni Barrett

3:00 Shooting the breeze – fabian thomas, Michael Abrahams

3:40 Talking drums – Shane Drummers

3:45 Roots and branches – Malachi Smith ,

4:15 Fiesta farewell

Children’s programme: 10 a.m.-2:15 p.m.

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6 Responses to Two Seasons Talking Trees Literary Fiesta 2012 – Programme

  1. Hi there, i just received your info from Michelle Neita. I would love attend your feista on many levels. I am an interactive storyteller for children and a recorded performance spoken word artist for adults in Canada. I visited Jamaica and Neitas Nest for the first time two weeks ago. I loved it. If I had the means I certainly would come back just to attend your event. It sounds very exciting and fun. I did not plan on returning to Jamaica until July. Perhaps you can consider me for next year’s Feitas or as a special guest at any other event you may hold between now and then. I am looking forward to your post event blog.

    I will be bringing my show called ‘Women Only … But Men Can Come Too” in October to Jamaica. It will be produced by Theatre Producer and Patron of the Performing Arts Buddy Pouyatt. You can view some of my work on For anyone who knows someone with cancer, I especially recommend a piece called “The Word Heard by Many”.

    Kind regards,
    J. Nichole Noel

  2. victor robertson says:

    how does some one gets to read on this programme as i am a published poet with a book title ” This Bridge”

    thanks for your reply
    victor robertson

  3. NinaNais says:

    Calling it the Bread Basket Festival makes it seem like it is some kind of Agricultural Fair. It will be confusing, especially for tourists (if you’re hoping to attract them). Why not “The Treasure Beach Arts Festival” or the simply “The Treasure Beach Festival”?

  4. Lydia Vonwyler says:

    Very pleased my highly commended Commonwealth Short Story: Sister Rose, Lessons in Lying has been included in the Recorded Talk Playlist. Kind Regards.

  5. NinaNais says:

    Hi Christine,

    Had a good time at the Festival. My favourites were Malachi Smith, Nova Gordon-Bell and especially Joan Andrea Hutchinson.

    Well, if you guys want to truly keep the Bread Basket theme, maybe farmers / culinary should be more involved and more visible at the venue.

  6. Fabian Thomas says:

    NICE!! I’m soooo excited about being one of this year’s readers! (pauses to do a happy dance 🙂 )

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